5 Lessons Columbo taught me about Eczema

5 lessons Columbo taught me about Eczema

Growing up Columbo was my go-to watch. My guy, my prime tv. There would rarely go a rainy afternoon where I wasn't perched in front of the tv on my belly watching him solve crimes, and make the suspect squirm till they got exposed themselves as the culprit. 

His way of working and catchphrase "Just one more thing" was so good that it came to be used as a framework for questioning in official institutions. 

Watching it back as an adult, I think the Inspector teaches us some great lessons to apply to everyday life living with eczema.

Here are 5 lessons that I'm going to try and convince you of: 

Perseverance is key.
Columbo always had faith and persistence to keep going, even in the most confusing cases.

Lesson #1: At times managing day to day life with eczema can feel difficult, especially during the healing stages of TSW (topical steroid withdrawal), or a flareup. It's at these points where you need to keep going: persistence to keep using natural options over steroids and treating your body with ongoing kindness during a flareup. 

Teamwork gets the job done
Colleagues to his wife, Columbo always helped and got help from those around him. Cheekily, he would even rope in the suspect.

Lesson #2: Finding a community - be it friends or family - to help support you along your healing journey will be one of the best things you can do.  Even strangers found on platforms like Facebook or meet-up can be a great way to build an 'eczema family'. When working with your eczema aka suspect, it can be a great immediate indicator to determine food or environmental triggers. 


"Oh yeah, one more thing.."
The killer question…just when the criminal feels like they’ve gotten away with it and Columbo is about to leave, he stops, scratches his head, turns and says, “Oh yeah, one more thing…

Lesson #5: By staying endlessly curious about your skin, flareups and changes, you can start to uncover things like what is causing regular flareups, what supplements or lotions are aiding your skin the best during the healing journey. you are sure to get to the root of the problem.