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Rukai Skincare dry skin collection

Hello! Before we get started, let's take a quick poll. Who here has - 

 ✔️ Experienced eczema from a young age

 ✔️ Had eczema be the frenemy you can't seem to shake 

 ✔️ Been made to feel ashamed for scratching

 ✔️ Heard "Have you tried..." far too many times to count

 ✔️ Secretly rushed off to have a deep scratch with your hair brush/ comb/ pen/keys/other (delete as appropriate)

 ✔️Felt people shy away from you as if eczema was contagious

For all the statements above that were true, give yourself a delicious hug. I know... it sounds corny but quick, do it whilst no one is looking. 

Image courtesy of WERN


 I'm Tolani, the one-woman band behind Rukai Skincare & a long term card, carrying member of the eczema warrior team of 30 years. The purpose behind Rukai began when trying to find a natural solution to my topical steroid addiction became exhausting. Going through those intense lows and highs - head-scratching parents to baffled GPs to being hospitalised from my weeping eczema & more - meant that I wanted to create something that didn't leave me feeling worse at every application.

So one day I started experimenting and voila: @rukaiskincare was born. A marriage of my Nigerian heritage through the use of Shea Butter and active, plant powered oils, Rukai is here to help all you fellow eczema warriors reclaim your skin as your very own. With no nasties and no petrolatum, Rukai gently heals and nourishes your skin to where you no longer feel it's a battle to live in it.

Although Rukai was born in the heart of London, its roots are firmly planted in the heart of African holistic care. This is why all the names of our products are stemmed in Yoruba, one of the core languages spoken in Nigeria, West Africa.

Be it Eweko, which means 'wild herb', or Kasun Layọ o, which can translate to 'sleep well', each product is created with unadulterated self care at its core and are hand crafted in small batches to ensure that you receive the most skin nourishing, purest butter. Starting with our ethically sourced shea butter from Nigeria, we add in the finest organic cold pressed and steam distilled carrier oils, essential oils and botanical herbs. Each herb has been lovingly included for their therapeutic effects.

Rukai contain NO by-products from animals, and I only test on myself and loved ones. 

Want to say hello? Drop us a message at rukaiskincae@gmail.com