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Kasun Layo O - Relaxing Bath Salts

Kasun Layo O - Relaxing Bath Salts

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Our relaxing Kasun Layo bath salts, now in the much requested 100g sizes. Suitable for a last-minute gift idea or stocking filler, his blend of 100% natural plant-based salts and flowers are here to deliver a relaxing experience.  

What it does for you?
Translating to 'restful slumber', our Kasun Layo O bath salts will soothe your dry skin and leave it feeling hydrated, nourished and comforted. 

Whether choosing Rose or Lavender, both are coupled with soothing coconut milk & Colloidal oats help soften skin. Rose bath salts are paired with  Magnesium and Himalayan salts to relax tight and tired muscles. 

Whilst our Lavender salts, you're sure to discover your reset button with its blend of Dead Sea and Epsom salts.  

Whichever you choose, All that's left to do is lock the door, sprinkle the salts into a warm bath water, sink in and relax. 

Up your tranquil moments with our 250g or 500g sizes. 

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